Free IELTS Reading Tests

You will find several reading tests to master your reading skills. Each test has been created so that you can practice a specific skill. You will encounter different types of passages that are all important for IELTS: factual passages, descriptive passages, argumentative passages, analytical passages and discursive passages. You will see different questions types as well; for example, true/false/not given, yes, no, not given, sentence completion, notes/flowchart, multiple choice, summary completion, choosing the title, table completion, short answer and list selection.

Free IELTS Listening Tests

We have made great effort to provide you with original recordings so that you can practise listening questions. Our teams in India and in the UK have done a great job to ensure that these practice tests are very similar to the ones you will see on the actual IELTS exam. In these practice tests you will encounter questions related to sentence completion, form completion, summary completion, short answer, table completion, flowchart completion, note/list completion, multiple choice, plan/map/diagram labeling and matching.

Free IELTS Writing Task 1 & 2 Practice Tests

Whether you are preparing for the IELTS Academic or the General exam, you will find several practice questions related to Writing Tasks 1 and 2. We have taken great care so that the questions are very similar to those that come up in the actual IELTS exam. Not only that, we have also given two sample answers along with each writing task - one that shows a sample answer for a high band score and a sample answer for a low band score. This will help you understand the difference between a good and an average answer, so you can prepare better.