English is a very polished language if spoken and presented well. Everything adds to its beauty be it fluency, pronunciation, rate of speech, tone and most importantly the vocabulary. We like variety in everything, in a similar manner, the language looks good if it has variation in it. Variety of words comes with a robust vocabulary.

 A good vocabulary adorns the language and is also a powerful tool for effective speaking.

A strong lexicon resource will enable you to juggle around with lot many words and it makes the English language fancier. To enhance your vocabulary the best way to start with is by keeping a good dictionary with you. Just imagine a dictionary as a large ocean, where words being different species of fishes, you got to catch the right one. Each day make it a habit of learning 5 new words from the dictionary, jot it down in a notebook along with their meanings. Then practice those words every day in your daily conversation.

Besides learning new words from the dictionary each day, get into the habit of writing a journal or a daily diary and interject new words in your writing. Learn new synonyms to perk up your vocabulary. Make use of Thesaurus to find synonyms.

Reading is another good way to enhance your vocabulary. It not only enriches your word power but also improves your expression. By reading different kinds of books, articles, science work, literature, biographies, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc you will come across many new words, mark those words and look up their meanings in the dictionary and jot those words to use them in your communication. Try to know about the root of those words as it helps you to understand the origin of the word. Keep a thesaurus in your mobile phone or keep it handy, each time you come across a new word along with its meaning and then take a look at the synonyms of that word. It grows your word strength.

There are many games which increase your vocabulary. Games like Scrabble, Spellex or Crossword are very effective to improve your word power. In these games either you have to make a new word or you are given some clues from which you have to deduce the correct word. It’s a brain scratching activity and enhances your thinking power too.

Create an English speaking surrounding, having English speaking people around you to converse with. Or watching English series, videos, teleserials, English movies, etc will hone up your lexicon because, in English movies, there are a lot of new words that are used which one can learn from.

Inculcate the habit of speaking in English by infusing new words in your communication every day. As more you practice, the more words you will speak and this way you will remember the new words by continually using them. Vocabulary is a powerful instrument that lets you say or express exactly how you want to express.

Give your memory a refresher course each day which means re-read your stacked up word list each day, that ways you will refresh your memory of new words. And practice them each time so that you remember them in your regular flow of English. Also, a childhood activity of making sentences of the new words we learn,  if practiced on a regular basis can help you enhance your vocabulary really quickly. This way you will also learn the application of the new word.

Listening is another activity that helps you revamp your vocabulary. Listening to English radio channels, English podcasts, and monologues or dialogues by many impressive speakers online will help you gather more words and the way they can be used in your speech. The delivery of speech along with good word choice makes your language impactful.

Public Speaking is another way of honing up your English vocabulary. Whenever you get a chance of speaking on any topic publicly or in social gatherings, always take up that opportunity and speak as it will enhance your confidence as well as give you a chance to apply your word stock. It really gives you a boost to learn more and more new words.

Build an English speaking circle. Get the help of your friends who are preparing for the IELTS or otherwise are English speaking.  Converse in English with them as much as you can. Make sure no matter how many mistakes you make, don’t let it mar your self-confidence. Always try to identify the mistakes you make and rectify them. Ask your friends to speak just in English language and practice your new words with them. Let them contribute to your vocabulary and this is how you will enrich your word power.

In IELTS, vocabulary plays a very crucial role besides correct grammar, punctuations, sentence structuring, transition words, the flow of writing, cohesion and the expression. You get additional scores when you speak or write in efficacious English using the right word choice.

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