It is the skill of expressing the meaning of something using different words. The meaning of the given text is restated. It does not mean that you simplify something. Instead, you rephrase it in your own words – at times using strong vocabulary. Example:

  • He found it very difficult to get a job after his graduation.

Paraphrase – Post-graduation, he struggled to get a job.

  • The managers consider it to be the best method to achieve the desired results.

Paraphrase – The managers think that it is the most effective way to get the results they want.

Why should you develop the skill of paraphrasing?

You should develop this skill to get more clarity of what you read because paraphrasing develops not only your communication skills but also your Reading and Comprehension skills. The basic element remains the same. It is just reworded in your own words. It enhances your ability to understand the main idea and supporting details given in a passage/ a paragraph/ a question.

When you are able to paraphrase what you read or hear, you understand it better as your mind is actively involved in it.

How to paraphrase?

Rewrite the sentences that have difficult words or describe complex situations. Use your own words to rephrase the text. Of course, the first requirement is to enhance your vocabulary.

  • Decide which words or phrases you would like to paraphrase and which ones you would not like to – You may not feel like paraphrasing nouns, words for which you do not have a synonym and phrases that have specific information. Separate them by putting brackets or slashes.
  • Underline the part of the text that you would like to paraphrase – You think of another way of putting across the given information.

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