For the past 3 months we have been wishing for COVID-19 to go away thinking this will be the last lockdown we have to endure. We have put our dreams on hold, waiting for the world to open up and embrace us. But with social distancing still the norm and with COVID-19 still prevalent across the world we feel it’s time to move on from denial to acceptance as the virus doesn’t seem to be leaving the planet any time soon. So should we keep our dreams on hold indefinitely?

Surely not!

Dreams into Reality

If you want to study abroad, move abroad or look for work abroad the lockdown has offered you the perfect opportunity to learn and prepare for the exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PET etc., right from the comfort of your home! You can work today for a better tomorrow, we know it sounds too cliched but it is the only way you can realise your dreams into reality whilst staying indoors.

Yes, you guessed it right, online learning is the way to learn and ace these exams sitting at your home, perfectly safe. We know that every time you hear of online learning, you feel confused, unsure and wary of online courses and these feelings of doubt are perfectly natural.

We all are conditioned to be sceptic towards e-learning as most of us have been brought up in a formal education system where classroom learning is the norm.

However, with the advent of technology and in times of pandemic, staying safe and learning online is definitely the new normal. There are several reputed and well recommended online learning platforms like Yuno Learning which can help you get the score you want.

Meet Online Learning

People fear online learning will be too “impersonal” and “dissociated” learning. Let us help you understand what you will experience in an online classroom. Yuno Leaning classes are wholly online and the classes are scheduled over zoom. It takes just a couple of minutes to log in. All you need is a stable internet connection on any smart device like a tablet, phone or laptop. After the first couple of times, you’ll be able to navigate seamlessly without any difficulty.

Once you are in the classroom, the instructors at Yuno will make sure the content is crisp and the session is interactive. You will be able to see your instructor as well as your peers. The ideal classroom size for a digital class, and at Yuno, is 10 students, you will be able to hear your teacher speak, ask doubts and interact with other students too. Do you feel more comfortable with the thought of an online classroom now?

If you are wondering how you will get any assessments or assignments, the answer is easy, Google Drive of course. At Yuno, all the assignments are uploaded on Google Drive and you upload your work on the same drive for assessment. We surely are learning how to make the most of the technology.

I know what you must be thinking, “Okay, all this sounds good, but what about the “personal” sessions I used to have with my teacher?” You can get your doubts cleared via one-to-one zoom sessions where the instructor will patiently give you feedback and solve your queries for the week. Look for a course that offers one-to-one sessions, Yuno does, because these sessions will help you improve immensely.

Let’s see what else Yuno Learning offers in their digital IELTS courses. Say you opt for a comprehensive course on IELTS:

  • You get more than 40 hours of live classes with the instructor like in a real classroom.
  • Classes happen every day, Monday to Friday and each class is an hour long.
  • All assignments, notes and lessons are shared via Google Drive, and that’s also how you submit your homework.
  • You have access to all the recordings of your classes. You can review the recordings at your convenience.
  • If you miss a class for some reason, you have the class recordings. And in doubt-clearing sessions, you can always ask questions.
  • They use the most effective activity-based learning approach in small group classes along with one-on-one classes with the instructor.
  • With no more than 10 students in a class, every student gets full attention
  • if your level is lower or higher than the rest of the class, it’s taken care of. They will check your level in the diagnostic test which is conducted right at the beginning of your course.
  • Since grammar is the foundation of any language, special attention is paid – with extra classes on Grammar every Saturday. Remember, that is in addition to their 5-days-per-week curriculum.
  • As a part of the course, you are shipped “The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS” to your home address
  • By the way, they put extra emphasis on practice. Although you get a lot of practice during the course and in homework assignments, they also give you mock tests. Three mock tests are given in the final week of the course to give you good practice for your real exam. Your answers are reviewed and you are given a band score. Not just that, your instructor also gives you feedback in a one-to-one live class after each Mock test.

This surely sounds like a fair deal. At Yuno, they will go the extra length making it a total value for money. The instructors are responsive to your queries within 24 hrs. You can email or call anytime. And certainly, they are fully responsible for your future.  You can explore their website to know more about the IELTS exam and the courses they offer.

 Benefits of Online Learning

If this doesn’t convince you, we have a host of  advantages to lure you to online learning.

  • First off, you can take a demo class and then decide whether you want to join the class or not. This is a huge plus as you get a taste of an online learning environment, interact with the instructors and analyse if their teaching suits your style of learning.
  • Secondly, online courses are easier on the pocket than comparable classroom courses. You also save on travel costs which is a huge plus. The offerings of these courses are much superior than their physical counterparts. With almost zero infrastructure costs, online institutes focus on training effective teachers and offer superior learning material. Say you want to prepare for IELTS, opt for IELTS courses where institutes offer mock tests, IELTS Cambridge book, graded assignments and trained teachers. Imagine getting all of these facilities at half the cost.
  • Thirdly, we believe this to be one of the core advantages of online learning, you can re-watch the lectures as many times as you want. Always opt for online courses, like Yuno Leaning, that let you revisit the lectures, at least for as long as your preparation lasts. You could have missed a lecture, would not have been paying attention or your memory would’ve failed you. No need to fret as with online learning, you can access the lecture whenever you want.
  • Fourthly, in an online course, you get the opportunity to interact with students from across the world. In traditional classrooms, we are often bound by geography and meet students with the same ideologies. Via online education you get the opportunity to be a part of the global village, a first step to realise your dreams of conquering the world.
  • And lastly, and we cannot emphasize on this enough, the comfort and convenience that online learning offers surpasses all advantages. You can study at a time that suits you the best. For corporate professionals, online courses offer the perfect opportunity to learn whilst working. Leaving a job for studies is passé as online courses have made learning easy and manageable with a full-time job. Also, you don’t need to waste time in traffic, no more turning up late for class, leave behind the days of missing lectures because your boss asked you to stay back. Go online on a mobile or laptop with a steaming cup of tea and learn IELTS English from the comfort of your home. We’ve noticed that studying in a familiar environment makes it easier for students to concentrate, they stay engaged and even complete assignments on time. It sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

With online learning, access to trained teachers, from anywhere in the world, is possible,

learning on your own time, at your own speed, is absolutely feasible, and achieving a perfect score is totally attainable.

Yuno Learning has established credibility for itself as a superior platform for IELTS coaching. They have trained and experienced teachers who take online classes. They even give the students extensive assignments which are graded by IELTS examiners. You can always take a quick tour of their website to know more, explore their services and join a demo class before deciding. We are all for online learning and urge you to give it a chance.