“The whole team at Yuno Learning was extremely invested in my progress and I used to get regular follow up calls from the team to check if I had taken the mock tests. The instructor is a veteran teacher and her instincts and expertise in English make her a guru of IELTS English

Mitali Goyal

Mitali Goyal is an entrepreneur, a double master’s in finance and marketing and is also handling the APAC operations of a prestigious company. To expand her entrepreneurial reach, she wants to move to Canada and explore the Canadian market before opening a new office there. This is why she decided to prepare for IELTS and started looking for courses offline. But her hectic schedule only allowed time for a course where she could define her time which pushed her to look for online options.

Main Challenges

Mitali had started the IELTS preparation for herself but she realised that she was unable to prepare well.  When we asked Mitali her main requirements from an online course she said, “I was looking for a course where I could get help to improve my grammar in the writing section.”

Additionally, she had a busy lifestyle and was unable to devote enough time to her preparation. “I needed one to one attention to improve my score” she goes on to say. At Yuno Learning, she found instructors and the team who were as invested in her learning as much as she was.

Another unforeseen challenge that Mitali faced was the pandemic which brought her plans to give IELTS to a grinding halt, but Yuno Learning had given her enough resources to tide her preparation in the lockdown. Let’s read ahead and see everything that Yuno Learning gave to Mitali to help with her preparation.

The Yuno Experience

“When I searched for IELTS courses online Yuno learning was one of the first courses that I found. I attended a demo class and was extremely impressed with the instructor”, said Mitali in a conversation with us. The course at Yuno Learning is extremely easy to access, you just need a smart device like phone or laptop and a high-speed internet. “The live classes were extremely interactive” shares Mitali when we asked her live classroom experience. The live classes are just like a real classroom where you can see your instructor and ask your doubts.

 Yuno Learning’s Comprehensive IELTS Course

 Best IELTS Instructor: One aspect of Yuno Learning which stood out for Mitali was the veteran instructor, “The instructor was a veteran teacher and her instincts and expertise in English make her a guru of IELTS English. Her constant help and continuous support at odd hours really helped my preparation.”

 Well Structured Course: Mitali opted for the comprehensive course for IELTS, the course focuses on the improvement of score across sections. Mitali found the whole course really helpful, “the course is structured really well, all the topics are taught the way they should be and a lot of emphasis is placed on practical teaching.”

One on One Attention: “The instructor gave me detailed feedback on the mocks, and she used to help me even at 11 PM to discuss my test. We went over every line and she helped me improve my grammar and vocabulary.

Regular Follow Ups: As Mitali used to be extremely busy with her business, she used to miss taking her mock tests. “The team used to follow up with me regularly and reminded me to take the mocks if I forgot to.” The team at Yuno is as invested in your future as you are. We make sure you are on the path of success and are regular with your practice.

Live-Classes and Material: The comprehensive and extensive course material aided Mitali’s preparation, “I received the recordings of all the live classes and all the lectures, and I can refer to these recordings whenever I want. Once the lockdown lifts and I get an IELTS exam date I can just refer to these recordings and brush up the material.” The class recordings are really a boon in these uncertain times to help the students with their preparations.

About Yuno Learning

If, like Mitali, you are looking for an online course for your needs, explore more courses at our website www.yunoloearning,com. Yuno Learning offers live classes from the comfort of your home which are taught by the experts. All our online courses will help you prepare for IELTS with all the benefits and none of the hassle. Login to our website and explore the different plans we have. You can attend a free class here so that you experience our teaching before enrolling. See you at Yuno Learning!