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Comprehensive Course

The most rigorous IELTS training program on the planet covering all modules


Modules covered:
Writing Task 1 and 2, Speaking, Listening, Reading
5 weeks (35 days)

  • 40+ hours of live online classes by expert trainers
  • Daily classes (90 minutes each): Monday to Friday
  • Download day-by-day schedule
  • Download day-by-day schedule
  • 1-to-1 sessions for feedback and doubt clearing
  • 18 writing assignments with correction and feedback
  • Online study material
  • 3 full length mock tests
  • Book "The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS" shipped to your home

Upcoming Batches

Morning, afternoon, evening and night batches available

Writing & Speaking Course

4-weeks program to help you improve your writing and speaking skills


Modules covered:
Writing Task 1 and 2, Speaking
4 weeks (30 days)

  • 20+ hours of live online classes by expert trainers
  • Daily classes (90 minutes each): Monday to Friday
  • 1-to-1 sessions for feedback and doubt clearing
  • 12 writing assignments with correction and feedback
  • Online study material
  • 1 full length mock test
  • No book shipped to your home

Upcoming Batches

Morning, afternoon, evening and night batches available

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How we help you prepare for each of the IELTS Skills

The IELTS Writing test is the most challenging of all. You get two tasks. Task 2 is similar for both Academic and General tests. You are asked to write your response to the given question which includes one or two statements and instruction question/ questions. The response should have the structure of an essay. You may have written several essays earlier but IELTS specific essays set different parameters for you. While writing your response to the given essay question, you should demonstrate not only your lexical ability but also the accuracy and range of your language. There may be times when you will find it difficult to generate content. In our Premium classes, we help you to become self dependent. You learn how to generate content and organise your points coherently in different paragraphs to support your thesis statement.
Similarly, Task 1 of Academic (Report based on the given visual input) and General (Letter based on the given situation) can be daunting for you if you fail to understand the requirements of the questions.
We evaluate your tasks and help you to improve your weaker areas to give you the much needed confidence in this most intimidating test of the IELTS exam.

You may be speaking English correctly but still might not be confident about your speech because of lack of clarity, content or fluency. Some of you might be good at English but may be facing a challenge while speaking with others. Our Premium Group classes give you the much needed confidence to overcome your hesitation of speaking in English in front of others. And the one-to- one classes help you to identify your weaknesses and improve step by step. You practice how to structure your content coherently in grammatically correct English. Moreover, you understand the much needed nuances of modulation and expression while conversing in English.

The IELTS Reading test appears to be simple to many but the different types of questions require a lot of practice. You should be adept at reading the given text and answering different types of questions taken from journals, newspapers etc. You get just 60 minutes to read the passages in three sections and answer 40 questions based on them. By attending the Premium classes you can master the skills of skimming, speed reading, paraphrasing and scanning the text.
We work on each skill separately. By the time you move on to week 5 of Premium course, you will have acquired all these skills to answer 40 questions with better accuracy.

Usually, while preparing for the IELTS exam, many students presume that they will be able to prepare for IELTS on their own with a little practice. However, at times, they get stuck in Listening when they have to answer Multiple Choice questions. For such questions, you should be able to locate key features. Yuno Premium course helps you to understand how to get the correct answer from cues such as prepositions and question tags. The Live classes provide ample tips and tricks to do just that. You start becoming familiar with the strong and weak sounds of English speech.

Checkout actual classes that we recorded

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You are in great hands with the best instructors

Our instructors are the best in the entire country! We hire only the best and we also pay them well. Each instructor has more than 10 years of English language teaching experience. They have all facilitated learners of different age groups and nationalities from different walks of life through online teaching. Each of them has prepared learners for different competitive exams, like GMAT, GRE, TOEFL and especially IELTS. They can help you to achieve your target Band Score in IELTS, whatever your level of English may be - elementary, intermediate or advanced.


What our students Say


Attention, everyone!

Only 10 students per batch

Our live classes consist of a small group of students, no more than 10 so that we can bring personalized attention to each person. While you have to put in genuine effort to improve your score, you will find continuous support from your instructors and staff at Yuno. They will follow up with you if you haven't done your assignment and help you in every possible way in your success. All you have to make sure is that you do things as your instructors ask you to!

In the comfort of your home

All classes happen in a live virtual classroom so all you need is a computer and internet connection

Needless to say, you learn from the comfort of your home (or a cafe, office, anywhere)! We bring the best of the instructors from all corners of the world - Internet finally makes it possible! Just experience learning from real instructors on your computer, from anywhere and see how amazing the experience is.


Practice is the only way

We have created 120 tests that you can practice so you get the best possible band

Someone has wisely said, "What you practice, is what you'll do." There is nothing in the world that can replace the practice of practicing! We, at Yuno can do everything for you like bring the best instructors, best curriculum, best technology but what we cannot do for you is practice. It's for you to do however, we can provide you with hundreds of questions to practice so you never run out of the material you need.
You promise practice, we will promise you success.


Our instruction is divided between group classes and one-to-one. For conceptual topics, we generally deliver group classes but we use one-to-one sessions for writing feedback, speaking practice and mock test feedback analysis. To compare exactly how many group and one-to-one sessions are there in each of our courses, refer to the course comparison page

Both types of test takers can enroll in any of the above courses. Since most of the content is similar for IELTS Academic and IELTS General exams, there will be common group classes. At the same time, trainers will ensure that there are separate classes whenever required. So you can enroll for any of these courses without worry whether you are preparing for the Academic or the General version of the IELTS exam.

Yes, you can. Zoom works on all sorts of devices but we highly recommend that you attend classes from your PC (desktop or laptop) because the instructor would show you different things during the class and mobile screen is too small to study well. However, we have several students who attend the classes from their mobile phones and are happy about it.

We offer our courses at very low prices compared to rest of the industry. So we don’t usually offer discounts. If you are someone who cannot afford to pay the full amount because you truly have financial constraints, please contact us at

Yes, you will be able to attend up to two demo classes, for free and then decide if you would like to enroll in the course.

No, all course material will be provided to you by us. We will be sending you the book called, “The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS Student’s Book With Answers With DVD ROM” to practice full length mock tests. This book is part of the course fee. We will deliver the book at your doorstep during the second week of the course.

We use Zoom software for our live classes. It’s free to use and works just like Skype. It works both on a PC as well as on mobile phones. If you haven’t installed it already, please install from this link:

Getting your target band score depends on your current level of English and the target you have in mind. We are the experts of IELTS training and what we guarantee is that you will not find a better quality, more rigorous course anywhere else. We cannot guarantee you any specific score but you will make a significant improvement in your score. Please check our student testimonials. Anyone who guarantees you a target score is lying to you.

A payment link will be shared with you. You can pay online and securely by clicking on the payment link and using various modes of payment like credit card, debit card, Net Banking, UPI and various wallets.

Today’s live video technology allows us to bring the best instructor right to your computer. Live online classes happen virtually, over the internet, with real instructors where you and the instructor are connected via live video. It’s like a video call but with more features required for a great learning experience. You can attend classes for free during the trial period to experience if they will work for you.

You should be able to spend about 1 hour to 90 minutes each day on self-study. All the self-study material will be provided to you by your trainer.

While our trainers will deliver group classes to explain what concepts are important to improve your listening skills, each learner will practice from tens of available listening practice tests. The tests are online and can be accessed at…. You will be asked to attempt several of these tests on a weekly basis.

There will be sub-groups formed, of 3-4 learners each, to practice for the speaking skill. There will be weekly speaking practice classes where each learner will be asked to speak on a specific topic and the trainer will give him/her feedback on how he/she can improve.

You will get writing assignments from the trainer that you will write in Google docs (Google docs are free to use. All you need is a free Gmail account). Once you write your assignment, the trainer will check your assignment and mark-up improvements. The trainer will then schedule a 1-to-1 live class with you to discuss it further with tips and suggestions on how you can improve.

Yes, these days mobile connections are great too, especially if you have 4G (or a LTE) connection. You can also ‘tether’ (also called hotspot) your phone connection with your PC and attend classes on your PC. Learn about tethering on Android Learn about using iPhone as a hotspot

  • You study from the comfort of your home
  • You study from the best instructor
  • There’s more interaction in classes
  • You save time by not having to travel
  • You meet other students who are from different parts of the world

Well, studying from a real instructor means that you should attend all the classes so you don’t miss any concept. However, if you still miss a class or two because of an unavoidable reason, you can watch the recordings, or request your instructor to re-do the class for you. We are happy to help whenever you need.

There will be different homework assignments for each of the skills required. Example homework assignments will be like taking practice tests, watching videos, reading articles and writing assignments based on topics given to you by the trainer.

Yes, while there will be daily group classes, there will be 1-to-1 classes available depending upon your weak areas. For example, feedback about your writing assignments and speaking practice will often be in 1-to-1 classes.